Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy New Year (a little late)...

Aileen's sweater arrived and she tried it on and it was too big. I was devestated at first. I didn't want to knit anything else but a scarf for the rest of my life. But I thought it over and have decided to try to knit another sweater soon, maybe something smaller for Ali. I figure if I just jump right back in the discouragement will go away. I did mention to Aileen that the sweater is really densely knit and she could probably get out her trusty sewing machine and take it in. We'll see.

Here she is holding it up, things weren't looking sooo very grim yet.

And here it is on.

I've been keeping busy with other projects that have been given away and I'm waiting on pictures of. Hopefully I'll be posting again soon.