Sunday, December 31, 2006

100 things

1. I love God.
2. I love my husband, Wayne.
3. I love my girls, Alison & Emily.
4. My dog’s name is Brewski. He’s the 2nd dog I’ve ever owned. The 1st’s name was Watson.
5. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis on Film – translation, I’m no fun at movies.
6. I completed a minor in English – I love to read.
7. My husband decorated my fish tank to look like Grecian ruins.
8. Our wedding anniversary is December 15th.
9. If you get married near Christmas, people will give you ‘Our First Christmas’ ornaments like they’re going out of style. I know from personal experience.
10.I share my birthday with Anne Frank.
11. I am a member of the Spanish Honorary Society.
12. I’m secretly competitive.
13. I’ve been to every state on the Eastern seaboard.
14. I’ve traveled to Canada and Haiti.
15. My husband consistently kicks my ass at Scrabble and I’m a poor loser.
16. My first memory is of my Gram – I remember her reading to me and then I remember everyone leaving for her funeral.
17. I named my oldest daughter after my college roommate.
18. Wayne proposed to me at Indian River Lagoon after a kayaking trip.
19. I picked out my own engagement ring.
20. I love fireworks.
21. My whole life I dreamed of having little blue-eyed children and swore I would never marry a guy with brown eyes – Wayne has brown eyes.
22. I visit on a daily basis.
23. I can play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on the piano and nothing else.
24. I’ve met Ricky Martin.
25. I worked for MTV for three weeks.
26. I’ve been on TRL.
27. I had one detention in my whole academic career.
28. I love Justin Timberlake.
29. Although the original will always be the best, I watch every manifestation of CSI.
30. In college I was an avid fan of South Park and Dawson’s Creek.
31. My guest bathroom is painted Daredevil Red.
32. I can’t knit just one thing at a time.
33. My bridal bouquet is on display in my living room
34. I learned to cross-stitch when I was 10 from my mom.
35. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite.
36. I love the color combination of pinks with greens.
37. I once drove the same stretch of I-75 over and over for 3 hours for a friend’s film shoot.
38. I interned for the Weekly Planet in Tampa.
39. On my 21st birthday my first legally purchased drink was a Frambois.
40. I used to own a turtle named Mitchell, after a book I loved as a child called ‘Mitchell is Moving’ about a dinosaur that moves from one house to another.
41. I went to the Everglades on my honeymoon.
42. My first camera was made by Fisher Price.
43. I saw ‘Field of Dreams’ in the theaters.
44. I believe babies should be dressed like people, not like they live at a slumber party.
45. When I was in high school I would tease my mom for dressing me in corduroys and Mary Janes, that ended in college when I started dressing myself in them.
46. I wore overalls 3 out of 5 days in college.
47. My friends have the pictures to prove it.
48. I bit my tongue badly the day before Halloween in 2nd grade and couldn’t eat any candy at our class party the next day.
49. I remember where I was when the Challenger blew up.
50. The first thing I ever knit was a scarf for Wayne. It’s awful.
51. I own three copies of ‘Catcher in the Rye’, but I’m not a serial killer.
52. I was a vegetarian for 5 years.
53. One of my most cherished gifts is a painted stick from my friend Andria.
54. I own 3 Nintendo gaming systems – N64, GameBoy, and a Super Nintendo. I like old school games.
55. I was voted Class Flirt my senior year of high school.
56. I wore elbow length gloves to Prom.
57. My prom was at the Renaissance Hotel at Sea World.
58. I’m carrying on my mom’s family’s tradition of Christmas pajamas with my kids. Alison thinks it’s great.
59. In college, I made an experimental film about my Dad that he’s never seen – I’ve never been able to format it for his viewing.
60. When I was 4, I carved my name into a wooden rocking chair with a wire hanger and tried to blame it on my sister.
61. My sister Aileen and I are frequently referred to as ‘the girls’.
62. I’ve only lived alone for 6 months of my life.
63. All of the furniture in my house was given to us.
64. I love gin and tonics, with lots of lime.
65. I know how to play a mean game of Texas Hold ‘Em.
66. I’m thrilled that Care Bears and My Little Pony are popular again so I can buy them for my girls.
67. Wonder Woman is my hero.
68. I had Wonder Woman underwear when I was 3, they were a reward for getting potty trained.
69. I found a place online where I can get adult Wonder Woman underwear but haven’t had the guts to order them.
70. I visit the library once a week with Alison.
71. I once slept almost the whole way from Orlando to Portland, Maine.
72. I failed my driving test the first time.
73. My dad took me to 7-11 for a Slurpee to make me feel better.
74. I love Splenda.
75. In high school, I taught 2nd graders Spanish as part of my Spanish 4 class, it was really rewarding.
76. My favorite poet is Wallace Stevens.
77. I won’t read the latest book in a series if the next book isn’t out yet. I’ll wait, so there’s always one more I could read.
78. I’ve read everything that Stephen King has published.
79. Even the stuff under his nom-de-plume, Richard Bachman.
80. I drive a Ford Expedition that guzzles gas.
81. My first car was given to me, it was a 1986 Mazda 626 with no paint.
82. The first hurricane I went through was Hurricane Gloria in New Jersey.
83. My favorite sweater is a turquoise-striped sweater from GAP.
84. I love Old Navy and can spend a mint there when there’s a good sale.
85. I love Johnny Depp and Gwenyth Paltrow and will see anything they’re in.
86. I enjoyed ‘Lady in the Water’
87. I can’t get enough of LOST.
88. The Amazing Race is the best reality show ever.
89. I saw the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra perform the 1812 Overture when I was in 4th grade.
90. I lost my wedding and engagement rings, well Alison did, and Wayne replaced them for me last year on our anniversary.
91. I ship virtually everything via Priority Mail.
92. I’m diabetic.
93. I’m right-handed.
94. I’ve considered trying to write a children’s book.
95. Wayne and my ‘song’ is ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters.
96. I like to sing loudly in the car, whether I’m on-key or not. It’s starting to rub off on Alison.
97. I used to work at a Market Research firm, I put together focus groups.
98. I love a good pedicure.
99. I can be bribed with chocolate, preferably dark chocolate.
100. I am excellent at memorizing phone numbers.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Knit Gifts

Knitted gifts were given:

And my wonderful husband got me some knit friendly gifts too. :) He made his way to the LYS and bought me a new swift and a ball winder! Hooray! I rec'd some beautiful yarns too, but haven't had the opportunity to take photos. Soon.
I'm trying to assess the yarns I have and the projects I want to make and will be posting my knitting goals for 2007 by the beginning of next week.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Yummy food and presents aside, I encourage you to remember the greatest gift ever given, our Savior, baby Jesus. :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that my Secret Pal is sweet!

She's sweet in that southern belle, pinch your cheek, you're so sweet way. And in that Dude Where's My Car, cool way.

She's been awesome about keeping in contact with me, sending me emails and e-cards very regularly and they all make me feel very special.

Thanks Secret Pal!
Merry Christmas!

Edited to add: Little did I know when I wrote this earlier today, that the mailman would bring me this:
A package from my wonderful pal!!
Gifts for the girls and Brewski (!)
Wonderful knitterly gifts for me, extra batteries and everything! That's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the 'Jeans' colorway - it's amazingly soft and washable! :)
And sweet treats to share with my sweetie. Including homemade haystacks and Milky Ways (did anyone else notice that I had a hard day a few weeks ago and ended my post with "I just need a Milky Way"?)
Secret Pal you are awesome!!! Thanks very much!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

O Happy Day

I completed my gift knits on Wednesday and felt immediately lighter. And then I didn't know what to do. And then I contemplated trying to squeeze in some more projects. And then I decided I liked being lighter.

So I started a project for my Secret Pal. :) Another secret thing I can't post about. But after Monday I'll be able to post pics of all the things that have been given away.

And whilst we sit around pining away for my my sister and brother-in-law to escape Denver, here are some photos from the park this morning. No your eyes do not deceive you, Ali's in shorts - I think the high today is 78*F.

Monday, December 18, 2006

My Life. My Blog.

I love this meme. I love the handwritten element of it. I love how it asks you to think a little. If you love it too, visit here and get the form. Then post it with a photo of yourself - self-portraits are especially requested. And make sure you leave me a comment so I can go visit. :)


1. IMG_1252: Wayne holding Confederate generals, 2. IMG_1251: On top of Stone Mountain, 3. IMG_1243: Georgia State rocker at Cracker Barrel, 4. IMG_1241: Dressy night at Dante's Down the Hatch, 5. IMG_1237: Coca-Cola sign, 6. IMG_1236: Atlanta Undergroud, 7. IMG_1235: IKEA!, 8. IMG_1234: Breakfast at IKEA, 9. IMG_1233: Coffee at IKEA


We had a great trip!

We made a lot of U-turns while we explored the city and learned that maybe we should have flown (8 hours each way!), but we had lots of grown up fun. We went to a late movie, a fancy dinner, and on a whole shopping trip without once having to feed anyone or hoist a stoller (Thanks Nicole! Thanks Mom! Thanks Erin!).

I did miss the girls, but we've been home about 36 hours now and we're right back into our routine.

Remember how this was our wood anniversary - well, Wayne got me some really great jewelry from etsy that incorporated wood and I got him t-shirts with trees on them. The big gift was supposed to be our bedside tables from IKEA, but that fell apart quickly. Turn out that IKEA bedside tables are short like IKEA beds. Our bed is not short. So we're going to save a little more money and order a whole bed/shelf/table/headboard thing! I can't wait.

And since he's not one to follow the "please-don't-spend-more-than-$20" rule, Wayne got me a new cell phone. It's amazing.

It plays mp3s, take pictures, has games, and is all around colorful - a big change from my bulky bottom of the barrel Nextel phone. O, and there's no radio, I've been switched back to Sprint. Wayne reasons that we can still call each other for free and he really wanted to get me the best phone. I love that guy.

I have one gift to finish - I didn't knit at all while we were gone, per Wayne's request, so I'm feeling a little time crunch, but I think I'll be fine.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Love

Five years ago today, the man of my dreams became knit to me forever.

We said our 'I do's in a gorgeous garden surrounded by family and friends. We laughed and danced and may have had a bit too much to drink.

Since then, we've done quite a few grown up things together. Bought a house. Welcomed two wonderful girls into our lives. Purchased family vehicles.

But a lot is still the same.

We still hold hands.

And kiss each other good morning and good night.

We go on dinner dates.

And go to the movies together.

He calls me just to say hello.

He can tell from one look that I need to go out to dinner and not have to cook.

He's written me a song.

I vowed that I would adventure into life with Wayne and so far it's been amazing! I look forward to the coming years and the excitement still to come.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Break from Gift Knits

Although not to make something for me, Alison instead. She's been having some frosty nighttime soccer practices, not to mention games, and needed a hat. So I grabbed some of the leftover yarn from Emmy's Pinwheel Sweater - in purple of course (her team color) - and cast on a hatty amount of stitches.
After finishing the knitting part I asked if Ali wanted a pom-pom. She said that she certainly wanted a "puff puff" and I smacked one on top. Ta da!

Monday, December 11, 2006

2006: One Line at a Time

A cutie meme from Sandra to fill in while I finish my gift knits.

Instructions -- Copy the first sentence that you posted* in each month of 2006. Post it in the following format:

Aileen's sweater arrived and she tried it on and it was too big.


I am renewing my commitment to keeping this blog up-to-date.

I met Debbie Stoller!!

A cupcake a day or in two days will give you arthritis.

From Alison:

Emily Green, born on Tuesday, July 4th at 5:51AM to a very tired Mommy, Daddy and Big Sis.

It wasn't me, it was the one-armed man or sweater as it were.

I feel very accomplished today, having reached my 100th post and really applying myself as a blogger.

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

But I'm posting anyway.

And you thought I wouldn't post today.

*Just wanted to say I listed the very first sentence of a post before any edits were made later on.

I think this is a very fitting take on the year. You may note the lack of post for February and the joyous news in July. I like it. You post one too, leave me a comment so I can reflect with you.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Give Thanks

A friend of mine just sent this to me in an email. I hope that you'll participate, feel free to repost on your blog and direct your friends and family to the site.

Visit and send a thank you holiday card to our troops. It's easy, just pick a card, a message and give your name and hometown and Xerox will print and send your greeting to one of our fighting soldiers. You can't control who it will be sent to, but I'm sure that the recipient will be cheered by your thoughtfulness.

Regardless of your feelings about the war, it’s important that we show the individual people who are risking their lives that their fellow Americans support THEM and what THEY do.

18 More Inches!

So this is my kitchen on Friday, the first 3 (counter-clockwise from top right) were taken at about 4:30PM. The last pic (bottom right) was taken roughly half an hour after Wayne got home. This weekend was 'New Cabinet Weekend'!

Last year Wayne was building homes in a really high-end development. One of his houses had some granite countertops installed and when the owners came for the walkthru they remarked that the granite was supposed to be black, the installed granite was brown. A whole kitchen worth of the wrong stuff. It was some sort of clerical error on the design center's part and they ended up fixing it for free. And when the installers came they ripped out the $8000 worth of granite and were going to throw it out. Wayne was apalled by the waste, checked with his boss and brought it home.

We quickly discovered that our existing cabinets weren't stong enough to hold the new countertop, so we stored it in our master bedroom. A couple weeks ago Wayne bought new cabinets and promptly stored them in the bedroom as well. We're busy and I demanded that the job not be started until it could be finished. This was the weekend. Hooray!

Wayne not only installed the new cabinets and countertop, but by some great miracle, he managed to work in an extra 18" of countertop! I'm so stoked. You can see it off to the right next to the stove. We used to keep the garbage can there, but it's much better having the extra storage and space. I love it!

Please don't think less of me 'cause I have a sink full of dishes. The water was off in the kitchen all weekend and the dishwasher was full. They're away now. :)

While Wayne was busy beautifying, Alison had a soccer game (still undefeated) and we went to see the Nutcracker with her friends from dance class. The first photo is of our happy bundled up girls. The others are the injuries Ali sustained when she faceplanted on the sidewalk. Her upper lip and nose got scrapped and I think Nicole put it best when she said that she looked a little like Hitler.

Just in time for family Christmas pictures. Thank God for Photoshop.


And just when you thought I couldn't have had a busier weekend - I also managed a 15-mile ride. The hilliest ride I've ever done and it kicked my butt!

Duration: 1.5 hours
Average Speed: 11 MPH
Distance: 14.8 miles
Calories Burned: 883
Did I fall? No. Although I almost got clipped by a minivan.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hee hee hee!

And you thought I wouldn't post today. :)