Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nice Numbers

In July, I began a drug research study at the Diabetes Center at my local hospital. I took an FDA approved medication twice a day and met with a dietician and a nurse every two weeks. The purpose of the study was to monitor the effect of a Lifestyle Modification Program on people taking the drug vs. those taking a placebo. I won't know what I was taking for another few weeks, but my nurses are fairly confident I was taking the drug due to my nausea throughout the study.

Twice a day I gave myself a shot in the belly. Everyday I followed a meal plan that expected a lot more vegetable eating and smaller portions. For the last six months I've written down everything I've eaten. I've gone over each item and my blood sugars, taken at least twice a day, with my dietician. I've increased my activity per the plan.

Yesterday was my last appointment.

When I started, I expected that I might lose 10-15 pounds. I surpassed that within the first month. Seeing results was an amazing feeling and encouraged me to continue.

Here's me in July 2007, a week before I started the study.


Yesterday we did my final weigh in and waist measurements. In simple terms, wow!

July weight: 256 lbs.
January weight: 203 lbs.

-53 lbs!!

July waist measurements: 47"
January waist measurements: 40"

-7 inches!!

July pant size: 22Plus
January pant size: 16 (At Old Navy no less)

-3 sizes!!

And I look like this:



Please, scroll back and forth. It's crazy. I almost can't believe it myself and it's me, who I see everyday.

Actually, I lost another 7 inches. From where? Here's a hint.

IMG_3508 IMG_3513

Alison has asked to take photos of my hair this afternoon when she gets home from school, so I'll post those later. :)

ETA: My hair needed to be washed by the time Ali got home from school and I didn't get a shower until late last night. Unfortunately, then I didn't blowdry it and today it is flat. So instead of a AGT photo shoot, here's pic from Sunday that looks pretty good. :)


Monday, January 28, 2008

Cutie Heads

We had a late Christmas with my out-of-town sister and her family while they were here for the wedding. This afforded me the time to sneak in some Christmas knitting while trying to finish the Clapotis. Since they live in a frosty place where snow is known to appear, they're usually the recipients of my warmer knits.

This year I decided to keep thier heads warm.


Pattern: An Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in colorway 21

Pattern: Basic Cable Hat by Christine Quirion

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Hot Pink

Pattern: Basic 2x2 Ribbed Hat by me

Yarn: I'm not sure, some sort of chunky single wool.

And before the weekend was over, I was able to knit a matching baby-size Unoriginal Hat for Penny. :)

The sock is coming along well. I've completed the gusset and am working down the foot. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be casting on sock 2. Unfortunately, my knitting is not only battling my schedule but a greater battle as well.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

That is SO last year!

Unlike my post-Christmas knitting slump of last year, January has been pretty good in my knitting world. I have two finished items that I'm pulling together pictures of and a work in progress that I've been wanting to start FOREVER!



I'm finally jumped on board with the Jaywalker train (and so has Becky!) and I've already turned the heel on the first one. The yarn is Pink is the New Black by the lovely and talented Ann-Marie. You can get your own at her etsy shop. She's got a skein on sale RIGHT NOW! :)


This yarn was destined to be a pair of Jaywalkers, but I didn't have the needles to make it work until December. So hip-hip-hooray - I may have a finished pair of socks in the first part of '08!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Day at the Beach (in January)

On Sunday afternoon, we accompanied my cousins, aunt and uncle from Vermont to Cocoa Beach. It was cold when we left Orlando, in the lower 50s cold. At the beach it was colder, what with the wind and the overcast skies.

My cousin Marc braved the water and actually went swimming for a little while, but my kids built sand castles while decked out in snow clothes. :)



Marc didn't want to miss one bit of beachy fun, so he let us bury him in the sand.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beware the Bridal Clap!

Not that Clap - a Clapotis!



Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert

Yarn: Twisted Sisters Mirage

Mods: I did an extra repeat in the increase section, but other than that, stuck to the pattern.

Made for: Erin, for her wedding

Started: October 2007 Finished: January 2008

I was really glad I made this, especially when the weather at the wedding took a turn for the chilly and rainy.

While dress shopping, Erin had looked at some little jackets, but nothing was super flattering, so I offered to knit something. For a while, everything was going perfect with the wedding plans - so in basic sisterly fashion, I slowed my knitting. I figured if the only thing she had to stress about was the shawl, good for her.

Then her fiance, who works on an oil rig as a 5-star kitchen manager (those guys eat like kings) didn't get to come home for Christmas. Then New Year's. When all was said and done, he was gone over 35 days very near the wedding, causing A LOT of stress.

So I knit faster and delivered this finished lovely on Erin's birthday, one week before the wedding.

My mother informed me yesterday that some red wine got spilled on it. Hopefully the lovely ladies at Twisted Sisters will have some tips for getting it out. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To help you with those resolutions . . .

How many of you resolved to be a better person or give back?? Well if you are still looking for a way to make that happen, check out VolunteerMatch. You can search for opportunities in your area, even Canada!! :)

And if you're more of a giver from your pocketbook and not your schedule, I'm riding in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure and need some more fundraising dollars. Just click on that picture of my pretty bike in the top left corner. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So as I was typing that it sounded in my head like "Berzerker" from Clerks - crazy Megan.

Anyway, today is Delurking Day! So, if you're reading this - whether you arrived from some crazy google search for "ghetto knit ikea cap" or "panties shrimp itch" or you subscribe to me via bloglines or read me through AtlasQuest - take a minute and leave a comment and tell me about you and your blog if you have one.

I will definitely reply to each and every comment if there's an available email address to reply to.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Three Things

I read a really great post the other day on BlogHer that inspired this post. I can't find it to link to it though, my apologies to the original author. :)

I'm not a New Year's resolution-er. I really never have been, but this year I've made a very short list.

Just three things.

Three little things I can do to make the world a better place.

1. No more paper or plastic. I'm going to purchase enough of these handy totes, which keep popping up at every grocery store I shop at, so that I will not need to use disposable bags. Now, we reuse our bags and recycle them back at the store when the pile gets too big, but we can stop. And we will stop. This year. In the grand scheme of things I know this won't halt global warming, but it's a start.


2. Recycle. We haven't recycled the entire time we've been married - 6 years. I'm pretty sure that it was illegal to -not- recycle at our last house, but we never got caught. I just got off the phone with Public Works and our shiny new bins will arrive next week. :)

3. Read the New Testament in 2008. This one is a little more esoteric, but stick with me and you'll see how it fits. I have a deep desire to be more Christ-like. By committing to reading His words and his vision for my life I can only get closer. And if I'm more Christ-like, the world will most definitely benefit from it. Care to join me?


Thursday, January 03, 2008

No mo' ghetto-flo'!!

Happy New Year!!

We invested a hefty chunk of change and time this past weekend in fixing up the new house. I'm about to show you the before pictures and I just want to warn you that they are gross. Seriously, we've been living on chipped up terrazo and super-stained carpet for a month now. It's so gross I'm a little embarrassed that the internet will now know I let my kids walk around on this, but it makes for much more dramatic after photos. :)

Okay, so ghetto-floor:

IMG_3317 IMG_3325


After many hours of measuring, cutting and feeding a bunch of hungry, single guys from church (Thanks Matt, Chris, Ed & Colin) . . .


We managed to do the whole 1200 square feet of the house that aren't the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. Every square foot. Complete with crack-a-lacking 5 1/4 inch floor trim. It makes all the paint pop and the house look like a completely different house. A house that I really like living in (which, let me tell you, it was not before).


The girls really like it. :)