Monday, September 21, 2009


This past weekend we had the privilege of meeting the family of our nanny, Miriam. They live in Los Encuentras, a small town in the mountains.
Their house is made of concrete and mud block with a tile roof that isn't quite perfect. The floor is dirt and several of the interior walls are tarps.

But what they lack in material possessions, they've quadrupled in kindness, hospitality and love.
On their property there are 4 houses, each houses a relative of Miriam's parents. They live together in a little community, helping each other and enjoying time together.
Mama Carmen and Miriam's Tia Frances bake bread to sell in the market everyday. The flour for the bread comes from the corn and wheat on Miriam's Dad's farm. From seed to finished product, they do it all.When the corn is ready to be harvested, they lay it out on tarps until it is dry. Then they grind it by hand into flour. They make a lot of dough, then prepare tortillas, bread and sweet bread. On days that they don't go to the market to sell the bread, Miriam's cousins, Frances (10) and Lucy (9), sell it door to door in the town.

While we were visiting I learned how to make a corn tortilla, prepare the dough for baking the bread and how to form the sweet bread with filling. It was a great experience. So many strong women, joined in camaraderie and work.

Miriam's mom took me aside while we were there and told me that their door is never closed to us. I think we'll go back often -- and I'd love to spend a day baking and selling with them. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happiest 7th Birthday Alison

Seven years ago I got the opportunity of a lifetime -- thanks to one very special little girl, I got to be a mommy!

Alison, you are an amazing daughter. You're smart and funny and beautiful. I love you! I love the way you devour books and tell knock-knock jokes. I love that you're learning more Spanish everyday and really embracing life here in Nica.

I love you baby!!

Seven Years of Alison!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never forget

It's weird to be in another country on days that are special in America. On Labor Day, there weren't any BBQs with friends or big movie openings in Nica. It was just another day to the people here. We took the opportunity to learn about the history of Labor Day and practiced our Spanish as we retold it to our teachers and friends.

Today is another of those days. Judging by Facebook, it's been a day wrapped in somber thoughts and rememberings. I don't want us to forget that. Last night, we told Alison about what happened 8 years ago. We told her what we were doing when the planes hit. How we felt that day and the following weeks.

Today I had a long conversation with a friend about it. She was aware of the event, but not the date.

While we prepare to celebrate the 14th of Septiembre (Independence from William Walker) and the 15th of Septiembre (Independence for Central America from Spain), we are embracing this new culture that we live in.

But on days like today, I want to remember home. I want to always remember.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Things are going well here in Nicaragua and I have a bigger post in the works.

In the meantime, I am so happy to have two girls who are adapting really well. Their smiles everyday are great to see.

Contrary to this photo, we do not make them sleep on the floor, they were just being goofy one night on their Jeanne Kolb original blankies. :)