Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

In praise of fancy photo cards

Shutterfly has really stepped up their game this year with beautiful, new card designs to meet all your holiday needs. While browsing their new catalog, I could not help but notice the great use of color and clean design.

Classic looks and colors, right along side non-traditional color palettes with modern images. The perfect frame for your Christmas photo.

I don't know about your family, but we spend several hours each year walking around, posing, smiling, the whole nine -- and a few years we've had to go back out a second night/day to get the perfect shot! I love to have already decided on a card so that I can match our clothes and accessories.

They're also carrying the cutest, personalized gift tags! I'm not always the most matchy of persons, but I love the idea of wrapping everything in plain, jewel tone colored papers with fancy, personalized tags.

And if you're still shopping for gifts -- don't miss their photo gifts, including huge canvas prints and make-your-own calendars.

Here's some of my favorites!