Friday, August 21, 2009

¡Beinvenidos a Nicaragua!

We arrived safely in Managua late last week and this week has been BUSY!! We're trying to get settled in, acclimated to the roads and the culture, sleep a little, learn Spanish and more!

A few observations:
* There are a lot of crocheters here and one of the girls who works in our complex told me where I can buy yarn!
* After years of stick straight hair, apparently the humidity here is strong enough to curl my hair a bit.
* Alison believes that she can leash all animals and thinks they should live in our house. Including the parrot that lives near the patio.
* Emily is in heaven because it seems that the national food is chicken. :)

We're headed out to the base today to play with the kids who live nearby. Lots of ball kicking and practicing our Spanish. Photos soon. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 days!!

In three days we get on a plane and move to Nicaragua!


If you were to see the current state of our house you'd probably wonder if indoor tornados are possible.  We've already shipped down four containers and now with a little bit of courage and the magical powers of Space Bags, I've got to get everything else into eight trunks and two carry-ons.