Thursday, July 28, 2005

yikes...almost 10 days

since I last posted. sorry. we've been in potty training boot camp in preparation for uber-strict dance class dress code.

I'm organizing my first swap on and so far its going well. Will keep that updated.

I have finished the back of Aileen's sweater - this seems like a miracle and is truly a victory to be celebrated. I even started on the sleeves right away so as not to lose momentum.

Adrienne, my lovely friend from Knitting group, brought me a drop spindle and some roving on Tuesday so I could try my hand at spinning. I like it, my yarn is all slubby, but its very cool. I can't wait to dye it funky colors.

My goal for today is to get my penpal letter out, or at least have it written for mailing tomorrow.

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