Thursday, September 08, 2005

not quite knitting related . . .

but I've had some people request to know what stamp sets I have, and this seems like a good place to list them:

A Little Love
All the Best
All Year Cheer 1
Alpha Shadows
Baby Firsts
Bitty Bolds
Burst into Bloom
Cheery Chat
Classic Alphabet
Crayon Kids
Crazy for Christmas
Cuddles and Tickles
Fanciful Favorites
Fresh Flowers
Fun Filled
Funky Flowers
Gifts from the Orient
Handmade w/ Love II
Happy Winter
Holiday Minis
Holiday Print
Itty Bitty Borders
Just Journaling
Little Layers
Little Shapes
Love w/o End
Make A Wish
Paint Prints
Painted Garden
Perfect Party
Pretty Princess
Shapes & Shadows
Simple Somethings
Simply Circles
Sincere Salutations
Small Script
Stars and Swirls
Sweet Talk
Tags and More
The Fine Print
The Shape of Things
Wonderful Wings


Abundant Universe said...

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Mary Triller said...

Thanks Megan! I finally found the list.


Mary Triller said...

Hey, thanks for posting your stampin up stamp list. I am going back to od emails and finally saw it.