Friday, March 10, 2006

a renewed me

I am renewing my commitment to keeping this blog up-to-date. Its not like I don't knit everyday in some capacity, why not take 5 minutes and tell others about it.

The main reason for the longish hiatus is I am now currently 5.5 months pregnant and that takes away a lot of your energy. Especially when you still have an active 3-year-old to entertain. That being said, no more excuses. On to the update.

I learned to crochet!!!

I was convinced that I was crochetarted and would never master it, but then I found this amazing pattern that I NEEDED. And with the patient help of one Miss Adrienne Magnificent at SnB two weeks ago, I mastered it. Or at least I mastered this pattern. The blanket needs one more round and then its off to new baby Amber. :)

I bombed out on the Knitting Olympics. Not quite my finest hour. I didn't even get 20% of my project finished. Please note aforementioned sleepiness as my excuse. I did however start Knitty's Tasha bag which I've wanted to knit since I learned to knit and that's something. Its hard to admit that I have more in common with Bode Miller than Sasha Cohen.

So currently on the old needles I have Amber's blanket, Tasha bag and other stuff I'm not really working on. When I finish Amber's blanket (should be later today) I'm going to start another one, just to make sure I can.

I'll post photos of the finished blankie soon.

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