Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Day 1: Ease in gently

With a short discussion.

I have over 100 squares of my blanket done.  

Around square 60 I got a better idea of how I could have arranged the colors, but continued with my current plan 'cause both wouldn't work together.  

To my knowledge, no one else has tried my idea.  

I get lots of compliments for how I'm arranging things now, but let me tell you, the new way -- wow! :)

So a few days ago, I said out loud to my dear Wendy that maybe I'd just rip it all out and start over.  Or abandon what I have and start over.

I don't know where these crazy ideas come from, nor have I done them, but I feel like I can't be happy with my already crackalackin' blanket if I continue....


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Aw! Maybe let it rest for a few days before you decide? But definitely frog and start over if you won't be happy with how it looks now.

Wendy said...

I've been pondering this quandry for a few days and I think that perhaps you should not frog the blanket, but just go ahead and start a new one. That way, you can see if you like the new idea better than the old. And if not . . . you have not lost the 100+ squares already finished. You could also just make all the square separately and later sew them together (gasp!) and then they could become part of any blankets.

In any case, you and I are mitered-square-sock-blanket pioneers, my friend.