Friday, August 21, 2009

¡Beinvenidos a Nicaragua!

We arrived safely in Managua late last week and this week has been BUSY!! We're trying to get settled in, acclimated to the roads and the culture, sleep a little, learn Spanish and more!

A few observations:
* There are a lot of crocheters here and one of the girls who works in our complex told me where I can buy yarn!
* After years of stick straight hair, apparently the humidity here is strong enough to curl my hair a bit.
* Alison believes that she can leash all animals and thinks they should live in our house. Including the parrot that lives near the patio.
* Emily is in heaven because it seems that the national food is chicken. :)

We're headed out to the base today to play with the kids who live nearby. Lots of ball kicking and practicing our Spanish. Photos soon. :)

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Nicole said...

Yay! You made it there safely. Take a picture of the yarn store when you go... would be really interested to see it. Also, what are the crocheters in your complex working on?