Monday, February 01, 2010

First Day of Second Grade!

Things have been very busy here in Casa Tingle. Work is moving forward at a rapid pace and we're really excited to see all the things God is allowing to happen! In the midst of all that, we've made a conscious effort to be a family.

A family who eats dinner together. Who reads stories at bedtime and says nighttime prayers together. A family who has fun together. :)

Our family has also been preparing to send two little chickies to school this week. The Nicaraguan school calendar runs February to November so we've just completed our "summer" break. :)

Alison is returning to the Christian school she attended last fall for one month. We attended her Open House on Friday night and discovered that instead of placing her in first grade (so she'd get a full year of 1st grade), that the Director, first grade teacher and second grade teacher got together and decided that she could handle second grade! We're really proud of her! She's such a smart cookie. :)


She woke up at 4AM today because she was so excited! She and I had breakfast together where she told me about how she thought the day was going to go.


A little while later, the transport arrived and she was off.


The school holds a great position on academics and in the interest of not wasting anytime sent home her first homework assignments today! With a little help she was able to complete all of her homework, in Spanish, without getting frustrated! It's going to be a great year!

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