Saturday, March 06, 2010


I have spent the last three months re-watching the first five seasons of LOST with the help of DVDs, iTunes and the interwebs. Note that I said "re-watching", that's because I have been watching LOST since the very first Wednesday it aired.

I remember watching the first episode and thinking that the writers/producers/show-makers had decided that they could do whatever they wanted with the plot and I was definitely interested in where that was going to go.

In college, as a Communication major who wanted to go into film, I took a lot of classes on being a critical observer and on plot. I figure out the ending to a lot of movies, usually pretty early on. It's not because I want to, but it just happens. LOST has always surprised me, I've been able to simply watch and not worry about being disappointed because I figured it out too soon.

Wayne's never taken to it, although he did watch seasons 1-3 with me during the great rewatch, but they weren't as good because he'd seen a lot from the future episodes. Enough to erase the suspense that has made the show so good.

During the rewatch I've been looking for a specific flashback episode with Locke, but as it turns out, apparently my LOST-obsessed brain made it up. That's right, I made up an episode of possibly the most confusing show ever, further confusing myself.

I've got the first handful of episodes from season 6 waiting for me in iTunes. I'm excited to start watching them!

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I lost!