Tuesday, August 09, 2005

report card

here's what i've got going and how well i'm working on it:

* aileen's sweater: back finished, sleeves started. i really tend to just knit on this at knitting group so hopefully tonite will be a productive time.

* mary ella from knitty.com: all beads on cotton. all necessary tools present and accounted for. have yet to do even one stitch.

* spinning: took adrienne's free yarn off the spindle and started on my ebay roving. it is delightful to spin with, very soft with long fibers. i try to put in at least 1/2 an hour each day, but don't always make it.

* darci scarf from KnitWit: had to take it off the needles to lend them to someone. will resume at a later date.

* Jen's garter: ha! too difficult for me. i finished about 2 inches and gave up. too small, too many special stitches.

* unbiased from knitty.com: finished. i still haven't worn it anywhere, but its done. i'll post photos soon.

In addition I've been trying to keep my cardmaking going along so I can sell some cards on etsy.

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