Monday, February 19, 2007

Not So WONDERful

I returned from NYGK group on Tuesday night, highly caffinated, and decided to cast on a One Skein Wonder with some delicious Noro Kureyon I'd got for cheap on Destash. My plan was to knit it up quickly and wear it to our annual Husband's Love Their Wives dinner on Saturday.

My Dad came up with the idea for the dinner years ago, before Wayne and I were married, and it's a great night. They invite 6-7 married couples and the men prepare all the food and do all the dishes and get drinks for the wives all night long. My Dad makes the meat and makes sure that everything will go well together. We've had some swanky stuff - this year was tuna steaks or london broil, asparagus, garlic green beans, caesar salad (from scratch!), and tiramisu for dessert. It was a lovely evening - I did not wear the One Skein Wonder I'd killed myself knitting.

I knit every spare second I could find over the course of the week. And it kept getting bigger with the increases so every row took longer than the last. The colors were beautiful. Like a sunset in the sky. I did have to cut out some 'muddy' parts, but that was my preference. In all it took 2.5 skeins of Noro.

Saturday morning I finished the ribbing and cast off. I ran into the bathroom to try it on and . . .


I love the back. I love the length of the sleeves. I hate the front. It cut way too far up on the shoulder for me and my hefty bossoms. I tried it on with several shirts, hoping against hope that a different neckline would make it look better. No such luck.
The pattern was really great and I've seen this look great on other people, just not me. If I had more yarn (I don't), I'd make some panels or something for the front, but alas.
So now I have to unravel the whole shebang.

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