Sunday, February 11, 2007

Project Spectrum-A-Go-Go

I know that half of the month of February has come and gone, but I'm finally ready for a little Project Spectrum action.

Firstly, I knit some wristwarmers for my kid's babysitter a year or so ago out of gorgeous Noro Kureyon, which I love - if I had to knit with just one yarn for the rest of my life it would be Noro Kureyon, and had three different sections of 2 skeins left over. I've cherished it's place in my stash, but earlier this week it spoke to me. It said, "Make me a hat. Make me a hat for Nick who is wonderful to your family. A beautiful hat." I loved this idea so I put all those things over there in the progress section in the knitting basket and cast on a hat.

At this point, let me tell you a little about my history with hats. I suck at hat kniting. Not the knitting so much, but the sizing. Hats never fit their intended recipient. I end up giving hats for Alison to Wayne and hats for Wayne to Alison. I know why this happens, I never knit gauge swatches on hats. Hell, I don't even look at the ball band for a jumping off point. I just knit and it never goes well. (I know you're thinking about the R2D2 hat and the bunny hat now - they did turn out as planned and apparently made me proud and as Greek tragedies and Shakespeare have taught us pride comes before the fall.)

Two days of knitting happily away, watching the colors change and amaze and Ta da! A hat! A hat for Nick???

Nope. A hat for Emily. Dang! In my pitiful defense, this hat also fits Alison, but she's got quite a few already.

This hat, lovingly named the Too Small Hat, does however qualify for color group 1 for Project Spectrum - just ignore the green. :)

Back to things I know, I worked on Aileen's make-up sock a little last night while watching 'A Scanner Darkly'. The animation was pretty captivating and the plot was hard to follow so not much knitting got accomplished. And it's blue!

I won a contest held by Susan and her brother Steve, about the binary hat she knit for him. It's a great idea - you can find info on how to make your own here. I won a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock - a super-great favorite sock yarn of mine! And it's blue too!! Thanks Susan!


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Congrats on winning some super yummy yarn. The hat is cute, too!

Carolyn said...

Hat's are so tricky! Stretchy yarn helps. Your Noro one is really cute!

Thanks for stopping by at Bipurler Disorder! I made up the Darth Vader chart you saw, using a picture I found on Google as a reference.


Cyndi said...

The hat is super cute! Noro Kureyon always knits up so pretty, at least from what I've seen... I have yet to try it myself. (ah, an excuse to buy yarn!) :)