Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm still working on Wicked. I finished and attached the pocket and have begun the "ribbing" on the bottom edge. After that we turn to the sleeves and done. :)

Unfortunately, the sweater is heavy and wrangling it around and around, even on my ciculars, coupled with moving and cleaning has caused a re-flaring of my tennis elbow. Ouch! A little ice usually does the trick, but carrying boxes to and fro is not helping. I think I'll just delegate that responsibility to Wayne.

Additionally, the weather has been up and down, I've been a little stressed with the move and the dishwasher was out of commision for a few days so my eczema is acting up too. I've burned through an entire box of Hello Kitty band-aids in the last week. Ick!

But I truck on because I MUST have this sweater. MUST.

A side note: I joined NaBloPoMo again this year and have a fun idea to keep the month interesting. Dust off your bloglines and I'll see you on the 1st!

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