Monday, October 22, 2007


Don't tell my sister, but instead of jumping right back into her Clapotis after finishing the Fortune Cookies, I went back to my Wicked.

Wayne and I rented Transformers and Pan's Labyrinth* over the weekend and I wanted to concentrate/read the subtitles so I thought a little st st would be ideal. But then I started looking over the pattern and what's left to be done and I could be finished very soon if I apply myself.

I can taste it. So I'm going for it.

I don't feel guilty 'cause I've got until January to finish Erin's Clap and I know I can do both. Now the cautious, bride-supporters among you would say, 'Can't you just finish the Clap and then knit your Wicked??' I could, but there was a day 2 weeks ago where it got down to 60 degrees and I think it may happen again (although today's high is 92) and I want to be prepared.

Prepared with a sweater.

A sweater with 1/2 - 3/4 length sleeves, 'cause let's be honest, even if it gets chilly, it won't be that chilly.

So don't tell Erin and I'll be seeing you soon with one finished sweater.

* Wayne was talking to me the other day about movies and said, "You know what movie I never saw, but wanted to?"

And I said, "No, tell me."

"Labyrinth, it's supposed to be creepy, but not too creepy."

I was a little confused so I said, "Labyrinth? With David Bowie? I guess I wouldn't let Ali watch it, but it's not that bad."

He stood by his statement of creepiness though.

Only while walking through Hollywood Video on Saturday night did I realize he meant Pan's Labyrinth. :)


Sarah said...


...I worked on a purse All For Me! this weekend instead of one of several projects for other people. And I can't even blame it on the weather.

Well, maybe I can. If I don't make myself a 100% wool purse right now, my keys might get very cold next week. Not to mention my wallet.

Guinifer said...

I love it when I confuse my husband. (hehe) Go Wicked Go!

Misty said...

Ok... several things. Where to begin, where to begin...

- I love Pan's Labyrinth. (had to get that out of the way...)

- oh my goodness. your fortune cookies are precious! I love them. This was my first time to your blog and truly thought you were either A) making actual/edible fortune cookies, or B) choosing them as your munchy of choice...

- I am a new knitter. A sort of baby knitter... Thanks to your page I am now "a severely inspired and yet feeling suddenly out of my element" knitter!

Anonymous said...

Megan I think you should realize I read your blog.


The shhh don't tell her