Thursday, January 10, 2008


So as I was typing that it sounded in my head like "Berzerker" from Clerks - crazy Megan.

Anyway, today is Delurking Day! So, if you're reading this - whether you arrived from some crazy google search for "ghetto knit ikea cap" or "panties shrimp itch" or you subscribe to me via bloglines or read me through AtlasQuest - take a minute and leave a comment and tell me about you and your blog if you have one.

I will definitely reply to each and every comment if there's an available email address to reply to.


heatherfeather said...

delurking! [waves hand]

I got here via the Rav, read often on a reader and comment when called upon.

My blog lies somewhat fallow these days, but it's there!

Ewe-niss said...

Tag - delurking here.

You know, I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed your blog. In fact I had it in my head to try to post on every blog that I read a thank them for the entertainment, information and fun that their blog provided. For some reason I haven't taken the time to do it yet. So here, you are my first of the year. :-)

Thank you. I remember following some link a long time ago to your site, and have been following you since. Keep it up!

knitterbay @ yahoo DotCom

trek said...

It was delurking day and I missed it? Poop.

Ann-Marie said...

i missed delurking day too.
i read your blog and am subscribed to you through bloglines.

Sarah said...

A little late for delurking day, but I must say I love your blog! Your writing is so personal and funny; I love the little snapshots into your life.

(My blog is poorly-written and rarely updated, because I neglect it. Maybe I should go make a post right... now... Nah.)

Lauren said...

Hi. I think I found your blog via yarnival, a few months back. Does that sound right? I've been trying to post to my blog more often, but "more often" has meant maybe once a week. Ah, well, it's more fun to read you and others than prattle on myself.

Donna B. said...

Howdy! Delurking over this way. I enjoy reading you everytime I manage to get back to my Google Reader (twice a week or so). You're one of those bloggers that I'd like to think I'd be friends with in real life, but in my more lucid moments I realize that you're far too cool and funny for the likes of me. My regular blog is at; my knitting blog is at, and I'm paksenarrion on Ravelry. Thanks for all the terrific reading.

Harlem Purl said...

hey (delurking)

Just want to say that I love the new floors.

island girl said...

Hello! I found your blog through Ravelry!! I also live in O-town!!

Love the shopping tote in your last post - i just picked some up at Target this week!!