Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eleven Miles

Confession time: Although I have been dutifully collecting donations and spreading the word about the upcoming Tour de Cure, I have not actually gotten on my bike.

No big deal you say?

O, but it is. Here are some of the reasons:

a. The bootie. No matter how fancy your pants are and how thick your chamois is (and mine are very fancy and thick) your bootie is in direct contact with a very little seat. In addition to maximum pant-provided comfort, I have a women's specific seat. All that said, if you cycle fairly regularly, the bootie pain subsides and you're good to go. Having not been riding regularly, I may be in some pain.

b. Stamina. You use a lot of muscles that don't really do much but get used for cycle and not training them is pretty dumb. Don't believe me, ask a pro cyclist to join you in a foot race. You may beat them if they only train to cycle, 'cause if you're that specialized, you suck at everything else.

c. My neck and shoulders. Try as I might to have "spaghetti arms" I rest on my arms a lot, creating quite a bit of tightness in the shoulders.

All that said, this morning I woke up with a desire to at least attempt to be in it to win it next weekend.

Yes, next weekend is the Tour.

And we're riding 22 miles.

Today we rode 11. And I rocked it out.

Call it having 50 lbs less to pedal around or increased stamina from the Jazzin', but it was great. Wayne pulled the girl's in the child trailer and we were able to cycle together. :)

We hit the Cross Seminole Trail for the first time, had some lunch in Oviedo and when we were done, felt like we could do more. In the cycling community a lot of rides have names, like the Taco Bell Run or Yahala Bakery Run because you take a break at these places and then head back. I've named this the Townhouse Breakfast Run.

I'm sure that tomorrow I'll be sore. And I'm definitely tired now, but next weekend is seeming a lot more feasible. And if I sneak in a short ride during the week, my bootie and shoulders should be much happier.

If you haven't already, and want to support a really great cause, click on the photo of my bike in the upper-left corner and donate to the American Diabetes Association. They help a lot of people and it feels good to help people. :)

And if you've been reading since last year - I still haven't fallen off my bike. Amazing.

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