Friday, February 08, 2008


Yesterday I woke up at 7AM, one half hour earlier than usual. Today it was 6:30AM. This will continue. Not increasingly waking up a half an hour earlier, but waking up at 6:30 - that's before the sun comes up in case you didn't know.

I've worked out a new schedule to incorporate my new routine. Waking up earlier allows me more time to work in the morning so I can get my little tele-commuting hours in and the laundry still gets done.

And my new routine includes a new class. Take the title of this post and combine it with a word that's synonomous with workout and, yeah, that's the one. I know you're having visions of old ladies sweating to the oldies, but its really more than that. Quite a few other moms were there. Emily even had some baby friends to hang out with. And they played Justin Timberlake. Swoon!

Inspired by the original Aerobic Dancer, I'm hoping to continue my weight loss journey. And I'm not so proud that I won't admit that I'm a little sore. Especially my abs and triceps - quite possibly my weakest muscles.


I've finished sock 1 and turned the heel on sock 2. I may have two Jaywalkers by Valentine's Day. :)

When I completed sock 1, I held it up for Wayne's approval and instead of dismissing it, something very strange happened. Wayne first complimented the pattern - he digs the zig zags - then asked to hold it. Next thing I know, he's wearing my beautiful pink and black sock.

(Wayne's feet are bigger than mine, but I have fairly large feet for a chick - we do not wear the same size shoe, but can usually share things like socks and Old Navy flip flops.)

He was even more impressed with how it fit. So when I finish mine, I'll go purchase some manly sock yarn - all mine has pink in it - and knit up some manly Jaywalkers for my love.

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