Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Days!

My trip back to Mexico -- three flights, one bus trip and a taxi ride -- was long, but uneventful. I was so eager to get back and see the girls, but so sad to leave Nicaragua and an infirmed Wayne. He's feeling better now and he and the team return late tomorrow night.

The girls and I have been enjoying having some time to relax and play. When we're in "class" here they are watched by a mom and daughter duo that have worked with the missionaries here at the base for years. Macadea and Sarai are very sweet and kind, but it's nice for me to have some quality time with the girls.

This morning we celebrated our freedom to do whatever we wanted with PlayDoh. It was Emily's first experience with it and we had a lot of fun.

Tingle 002

Tingle 006

This afternoon Alison finished something big.

Tonight we are going to the Chinese Acrobat Circus which is up the road for a few weeks. We've heard it's really fun and tickets for the three of us were under $15!

In case you're wondering, I haven't knit anything in over a week. I brought my knitting for the plane trips, but was told I'd have to check it. I want to knit, I just need to make time. :)

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