Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two-Day Projects

I've not abandoned my Blankie or my sweater, but a few smaller projects have worked their way into my hands over the last week.

For Emily, Legwarmies!!! She loves them and it's a little difficult to get her to not wear them.  As soon as Ali saw them she asked for a pair and some for her arms.  I know it's been raining a lot lately, but these two seem to forget that typical weather this time of year is in the 90s!



Each warmie took just about two days. :)

Before the warmies, I knit up to bibs for one of the ladies who brings her son to the Center.  She's a really great mom and a bit overwhelmed by everything, so I figured a small gift would let her know I care.  I knit two of the Baby Bib O' Loves from Mason-Dixon Knitting.


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