Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting Greener All the Time

A few weeks ago the girls and I visited two of our local farmer's markets to see what they were all about. The produce tents reminded us a lot of Mexico and I found so many great deals on amazing fruits & veggies. I also picked up a basil plant to see if I could manage to not kill it.

When we got home, the basil plant got a place of honor on our desk, with great sunlight and daily watering by me. I've enjoyed picking the leaves and adding fresh basil to lasagna, sandwiches and pasta. When Wayne & I went to Mexico last weekend, I forgot to include plant watering in my list about stuff around the house for the girl's sitter.

On Monday, I found a sad, wilted plant.

I was pretty bummed out, but figured a little water might save it. By the time I got home from work Tuesday, the plant was back to it's old self. Hooray!

This morning, we visited another, Sunday-only market that we've not been to because of church, but our service this week is tonight. It was a gorgeous morning to walk around. We grabbed some great produce, once again and scored a big basket of less-than-desirable peaches for $1! We're going to make smoothies so we don't care how they look. :)

One of the plant vendors had some chives & mint plants for sale. Encouraged by the basil plant, we picked them up. Then after a quick stop at Old Time Pottery, we had an afternoon project that everyone could help with.

Emily decorating

Alison decorating

Wayne's finished pot

My Daisy

Happy Herb Garden

$.59 terra cotta pots + crayons + herb plants = great personalized desk garden! :)

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