Saturday, June 20, 2009

SYB Insanity

I'm currently 6 months into knitting my Sock Yarn Blankie and can confidently say I'm halfway to my expected end point.  Well, my originally projected end point.

There's been some suggesting going on.  Suggestions regarding the size of the blanket.  Some seem to think that a big bed-size blankie is the the blankie for me -- I'm not sure, but we'll see.

In the past week I've been able to meet up with two other SYB knitters -- one at WWKIP Day and the other, my dear Wendy who came to visit one last time before her big move.  


If SYB was a in-home sales company, I'd have like 10 people in my downline by now!  I've some how managed to make the blankie look so interesting that several others in NYGK have asked for starter kits and I've happily complied.  Before I leave for Nica, I'll be sure to snag photos with each of them. :)


Guinifer said...

I'm more than happy to keep providing leftovers - just let me know who needs them!

Summerset said...

Megan--- My mitered squares are turning out like triangles.... what am I doing wrong???
Can you post your pattern?