Sunday, January 17, 2010


In place of an actual post about knitting or Nica or the fam since I've been very busy, here is a list of links from my google reader that I think you should check out. I was a diehard bloglines fan and resisted the Reader forever, but Wayne started using it and when I tried it, "just to see", I immediately fell in love. If you still click from blog to blog, I highly recommend it.

Magic Pixie Knitter : <-- my friend Adrienne, an amazingly talented chick who knits a lot!

Lolly Knitting Around : <-- great photography, also writes about yoga, library-ing, healthy living and travel.

Nicole the Knitting Goddess : <-- my friend Nicole, great photos, this chick finishes projects faster than anyone I know. Lots of FOs and great details about yarn subs and mods.

Halfway Down the Stairs : <-- Guinifer knits socks, lots of them! A real inspiration for pattern and yarn ideas.

Fricknits : <-- Julie is a knitter, crocheter, quilter and more. Gorgeous photos, great inspiration.


Guinifer said...

I've been terribly boring lately!

Hope you are all well.

JulieFrick said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out, Megan!

Ilix said...

Thanks for the intresting links... off to surf the interweb of knitters...

Lolly said...

Thanks a lot for mentioning me! :D So sweet of you!