Tuesday, December 05, 2006

18 More Inches!

So this is my kitchen on Friday, the first 3 (counter-clockwise from top right) were taken at about 4:30PM. The last pic (bottom right) was taken roughly half an hour after Wayne got home. This weekend was 'New Cabinet Weekend'!

Last year Wayne was building homes in a really high-end development. One of his houses had some granite countertops installed and when the owners came for the walkthru they remarked that the granite was supposed to be black, the installed granite was brown. A whole kitchen worth of the wrong stuff. It was some sort of clerical error on the design center's part and they ended up fixing it for free. And when the installers came they ripped out the $8000 worth of granite and were going to throw it out. Wayne was apalled by the waste, checked with his boss and brought it home.

We quickly discovered that our existing cabinets weren't stong enough to hold the new countertop, so we stored it in our master bedroom. A couple weeks ago Wayne bought new cabinets and promptly stored them in the bedroom as well. We're busy and I demanded that the job not be started until it could be finished. This was the weekend. Hooray!

Wayne not only installed the new cabinets and countertop, but by some great miracle, he managed to work in an extra 18" of countertop! I'm so stoked. You can see it off to the right next to the stove. We used to keep the garbage can there, but it's much better having the extra storage and space. I love it!

Please don't think less of me 'cause I have a sink full of dishes. The water was off in the kitchen all weekend and the dishwasher was full. They're away now. :)

While Wayne was busy beautifying, Alison had a soccer game (still undefeated) and we went to see the Nutcracker with her friends from dance class. The first photo is of our happy bundled up girls. The others are the injuries Ali sustained when she faceplanted on the sidewalk. Her upper lip and nose got scrapped and I think Nicole put it best when she said that she looked a little like Hitler.

Just in time for family Christmas pictures. Thank God for Photoshop.


And just when you thought I couldn't have had a busier weekend - I also managed a 15-mile ride. The hilliest ride I've ever done and it kicked my butt!

Duration: 1.5 hours
Average Speed: 11 MPH
Distance: 14.8 miles
Calories Burned: 883
Did I fall? No. Although I almost got clipped by a minivan.


KattyKatFlash said...

OMG! Your new cabinets and granite top are awesome. I'm so jealous.

KattyKatFlash said...

I love your new counters and cabinets! I'm so jealous.