Monday, June 04, 2007

Not Dead

Just been incommudicado (sp?) lately. It's a house-sale related roller coaster in our house lately and I'm not wanting to focus on it.
Instead, let's focus on happy things:

1. I seem to be getting used to the Peace Fleece I'm using for Wicked and really like the way the sweater is knitting up. It could go faster, but this is the way it is and I'm content.

2. My birthday is in 8 days! June 12th for those of you unwilling to do the math. I'm having a birthday party this year - last year I blew the whole thing off 'cause I was so darn pregnant - at Chevy's and hope to spend the evening with friends eating salsa and drinking margaritas. Wayne asked me what I want and I told him I just wanted to drink as many margaritas as I wanted without a sideways glance, I'm pretty sure he agreed 'cause he thinks he'll get lucky. :)

3. I have resisted a lot of temptation to not learn more about my Secret Pal who inadvertantly outed herself early.

4. Wayne's business is going great. Hooray for us!
5. Beautiful girls!

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Guinifer said...

Well, I guess it's a good thing I haven't mailed that last box yet!! I finally got a big enough box, now it seems I've got to slip a birthday card in there!! It's going out tomorrow - promise. Then you can come and visit me!