Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bad Parenting Ahead

I just got my Ravelry invite.

Do you think if I leave out a box of Kix and some opened bottles of water for the girls they can take care of themselves tomorrow??



Debbie said...

How long was it between when you signed up and when you got invited to join? Just wondering.

Funny story. I read your blog through AQ, so even though it's knitting-related, it's part of my letterboxing mindset.

I clicked on the Florida Knitters link earlier today, and it took me to the blog of one of my good knitting friends here in town. She's one of the organizers of my weekly knitting group! It was weird, like seeing someone you know really well in a context where you don't ever see them. Made me do a double take!


Guinifer said...

I'll be looking for you when I get my invite! I can't wait for the big reveal!!

Your SP10 Pal

(I have to find a bigger box for your final package!)

Guinifer said...

So I totally just outed myself in your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, hello, nice to meet you Pal!

Elizabeth said...

Hey kix are "healthy" and at least you didn't say poptarts and soda!