Saturday, September 15, 2007


Alison 2006 - 2007

Today Alison is 5 years old!!

I can remember holding her for the first time and waiting patiently to hear her say Mama . . . Now she never stops talking (and has an imaginary friend who is nothing short of great listener) and I try to avoid picking her up and summoning the wrath of sciatica.

It's been a big year of learning new things and enriching our lives in inumerable ways.

*Learned to tap dance and be "Truly Scrumpcious"
*Learned how to play soccer and be part of team
*Became an awesome big sister and a great helper to your Mommy
*Discovered how annoying it is to grow out bangs and rock some gorgeous
*Realized that trying new foods won't kill you
*Learned how to do a cartwheel (with a little help)
*Slept in a hotel for the first time
*Discovered you get car sick

And lots of other things, but now it's time to go make some cupcakes . . .

Love you Ali!! Happy 5th Birthday!!


Ann-Marie said...

my daughter just saw ALison's pictures and said "Ooooh she looks like a pretty princess"
Happy Birthday "Princess" Alison!!!

trek said...

Happy 5th, kiddo.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Oh, this is late, but happy birthday to Alison! Hope you all had a great day! : )

Eve Shepherd said...