Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If I Were in the Market . . .

. . . for a new automobile, you better believe I would go to the Nissan dealership first.


Because they brought me the season premiere of Heroes with Limited Commercial Interruption.

"But don't you watch everything after recording it on your DVR??"

O yes, I do. And Heroes begins at our house at 9:15PM, however we've noticed a bit of a trend lately toward more commercial breaks per show. And with reality TV, there are times that you'll only get 4 minutes of show between commercial breaks toward the end of the show. Even if you're fast forwarding through them, they're a pain in the ass.

I would pledge to buy a Nissan in the next year if they would supply me with a full season of Heroes (and let's throw in LOST too) with Limited Commercial Interruption. It's like a hug from Nissan, just for me (or everyone in America watching the show).



Alyson said...

I was pretty stoked about the minimal commercials too - it felt like a LOT of episode. I might have been able to live without the somewhat forced Nissan product placement ("Oh my God, Dad, the Rogue??!! Squee!!" I was almost expecting her to mention some of the vehicle's features in her excitement.)

And I don't know if you watched Alias when it was on, but I about fell on the ground when Sark turned up as Kensei. Oh, dreamboaty English boy, how I love you and your precious adorable face, even if you're always SUCH A JERK.

Guinifer said...

Well, and how cute was that little Rogue? I do love Haydn

Patricia said...

Oh, my boys were camped out in front of the TV in spite of PBS broadcasting the War. Shows the division in our household.
Don't tell me that someone was wearing a Rogue?