Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not a Bed Wetter

Last night, somewhere around 4:30am I was pleasantly dreaming. I was roused from my slumber with thoughts of really needing to pee, but I was also very sleepy so I decided that maybe shifting my position would relieve the pressure on my bladder.

But when I moved my foot, it encountered wetness. Cold wetness. This was alarming, but not horribly so since I was still mostly asleep. I started thinking - Did I already pee?? Did I pee the bed!!?? If I did, it had to have been hours ago 'cause this is cold and wet!!

Then several things started to occur to me, 1 - I still really needed to pee and I figured I couldn't have already peed in my sleep 'cause the need was too great; 2 - It was raining; 3 - What was I going to tell Wayne.

Thought numero uno prevailed though so I sat up to go use the restroom and *plop* a drop of water hit me in the head. The stupid roof was leaking!

I yelled at Wayne to get up the roof was leaking and ran into the bathroom. It took Wayne a little bit to realize what was going on, but then he lept into action. First he found a bucket and put it under the drips.

I walked right past him, got a blanket from the linen closet and went to lay down on the couch. That didn't last long 'cause he hunted me down and said he could really use some help. He didn't use the nicest tone of voice and I'm pretty sure my reply was not very polite, but basically stated my desire to go back to sleep.

He stomped back to our bedroom and after a lot of crashing noises, I followed him to find that he'd pushed our entire king size bed 4 feet closer to the wall and out of the way of the leak. Then he took apart the culprit ceiling fan. I sat on the floor and tried to fall back to sleep. He tried to make suggestions about putting towels over the wet spot on the mattress and getting new blankets, but I just crashed on the couch.

This morning when I went to grab my glasses from beside the bed they looked a little off, I tried to bend them gently in the opposite direction. Snap! The broke in half at the bridge.

Wayne glued them back together for me. He's also going to patch the roof and repair the drywall when it stops raining. I don't know where I'd be without him.


Nicole said...

No wonder you had to go! The sound of water is like nature's signal or something.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...