Monday, April 07, 2008


An excerpt from an actual conversation I recently had with Alison.

Me, picking up a chunk of freshly cut hair off the floor: Alison, did you cut your hair?

Alison, startled: Me? My hair??!!

Me: Yes Alison, this hair. (points at hair) Did you or Emily or Ashton cut your hair?

Alison: I do not recognize that hair.

Me: It is obviously your hair Alison. Answer the question.

Alison: Well yes, I did. I was cutting paper and my hair got in the way.


We've recently come to that "is it better to lie and possibly not get in trouble or tell the truth and definitely get in trouble" phase. The first foray was about some writing on her wall. We chose to believe her, but after the evasive hair conversation, some more lessons on honesty may be in our near future.

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Bean said...

Lying isn't cute, but your story is. :)