Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wednesday Morning I Decided to take a Shower

A seemingly harmless and uneventful thing to do really. Except that's not quite how it went.

I stepped into the shower, slipped and grabbed the shower curtain to steady myself. This proved to be a good idea and a bad idea. Had I not grabbed the curtain, I would have cracked my head on the tub wall and probably have been laying there until Alison woke up.

But I grabbed it and saved my head, to the detriment of my rib unfortunately.

I slammed into the tub wall with my rib cage and immediately knew I was dealing with a little more than a bruise. And, the shower curtain rod fell on my head.

I eventually managed to stand up. I rehung the curtain. And since I was already there and have been indoctrinated to believe that if it's broken you can't hurt it any more, I took a shower. A one-handed shower.

I carefully dressed myself and Yahoo! Answers'd broken ribs. The jist of the postings was basically that I should seek medical attention, but they probably would not be able to do anything for me.

I did and they weren't.

After poking, prodding and determining that it was in fact broken, the Dr. offered a $300 x-ray. I asked what we'd know with an x-ray and how that would affect our take home care ideas. She said it wouldn't actually tell us anything further, but we'd have a picture. I passed on the x-ray.

I've spent a few nights sleeping in the recliner, taken a lot of Tylenol, sworn off Darvocet (I still hurt and it put me to sleep) and tried very hard to take it easy.

Poor Wayne got the story via email almost 12 hours after it happened and managed to call from Nicaragua. I broke down and cried on the phone 'cause I was so glad I didn't have to be the tough one for a few minutes.

He's home now - hooray! I spent a lot of time resting yesterday because I hopped myself up on Tylenol and pretended everything felt fine to pick him up at the airport on Friday night. Turns out I got to pay for it all day on Saturday.

Tomorrow I promise some bona fide knitting content. Promise!


Kaaren said...

OUCHIE! Feel better soon.

trek said...

Feeling your pain - truly.

Last year on a Friday morning, I decided to wash some towels...I ended up with x-rays, a broken ankle, and surgery.

Heal up quickly!

Alyson said...

oh my goodness OUCHIE!! i'm so sorry - broken ribs are so unfair, all that pain and all the medical training in the world can't do anything but give you a polaroid of the damage for posterity. hope you heal up fast!

Nicole said...

I'm just catching up now... hope you're feeling better!