Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's Colorful up in Here!


Those are just a sampling of the wonderful partial skeins and scraps of sock yarn I've received this week. For what?

I'm making Shelly Kang's Sock Yarn Blanket!!!

When I saw it on Ravelry I started thinking about how every time I knit a pair of socks, I always have a bit left over. Sometimes a pretty big bit. I thought I could easily make a blanket out of all my little balls.

Then I started cataloging what I have and discovered that I could do it, but my blanket would be pretty plain and have a lot of some yarns and very little of others. I joined a few enabling groups over on Ravelry and now the mailbox is a very colorful place!

I've also joined two swaps with goodies that will arrive later this month.

Tomorrow: photos of the first two finished rows! Providing I finish the second row. :)


Nana Mary said...

This is going to be a great looking blanket. Does the yarn I contributed still work? Didn't see it pictured with the rest.


Patricia said...

I love the colors that you've collected. I keep my little yarn balls in a larger old candy glass. I have quite a collection. Perhaps I can be swayed to send them your way...

Emma said...

Wow, those colors are beautiful!How many squares are in a row?I am looking forward to pictures of the 2 rows!How many blocks to you have left to reach your goal of 40?

One week down, 2 and a half to go!