Tuesday, April 25, 2006

FO: Sock!

While sitting at the Fair on Saturday, I knit along the length of Sock without a care in the world. Then it occured to me that I should see how long it is, so I asked Nicole to try it on. It went all the way over her toes. Everyone was so happy, but I was not. I explained that I needed to leave 1.5" for toe shaping which if I did at this point would be much too long. I needed to frog.

But I didn't want to frog, so instead I pouted. And everytime I thought of my sock over the course of Sunday and Monday, I pouted some more. I was too overwhelmed to think about not twisting my stitches when I picked them back up and making sure they all got back on the right needles. Until after dinner last night, when apparently a full tummy made me brave.

I frogged almost 1.5" and only ended up with 3 twisted stitches which I fixed on my next round. I finished out the toe shaping and then sewed the whole thing shut. I will not call what I did grafting - it's more of an application of lots of yarn to holding something together.

All that said, Sock! is finished!!!!

And if you look to the right of my finished sock you will see that I've very responsibly started the second one already. Maybe by next week we'll be celebrating SockS!

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