Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm a Super-Starter

I'm starting to figure out why it took me over a year and a half to finish Aileen's sweater. It seems that when I work on a long, labor-intensive project, I get really easily distracted from it and start new things. So, since I've been hooking the Color Bar Blanket for a little over a month, and its starting to lose a little luster, the last week has been a testament to procrastination by new project.

I was originally pulled away by the craftster One Tiny Thing Rnd. 5 Swap, which led me to challenge myself with DPNs. Once I figured out that I could use them, I couldn't help but want to make a pair of socks - or really just one sock to prove I can do it, but a pair is much more practical. Plus I can give them to Aileen and they should fit better than the aforementioned sweater. So here's the start of Sock 1:

In addition, when I learned to crochet, I skipped learning the Single Crochet stitch because I didn't need it for what I was making. Then I found this blanket pattern using all single crochets and I started thinking how cute it would be to make Mini-Golf a blanket. So I picked up the yarn and started that too. Needless to say, crochet was a lot faster when it was double than single.

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