Thursday, April 27, 2006

I made something pretty

And Alison helped.

We went to Michael's yesterday and bought some Patons Merino wool, then we went to Publix and bought some Kool-Aid. When we got home we 'made pink and purple' in Mason jars and soaked our yarn. Ali went down for her nap and when she woke up, our pink and purple had gotten all over our yarn.

Here are some Kool-Aid dyeing items of interest that I will remember next time:

1. It smells so good.

2. I think I needed to use more and put smaller amounts of yarn in each jar. The color turned out a little uneven. (or see #4)

3. The actual dyeing time is fast! I expected the yarn to be in the pot/jars for at least 15 minutes before much happened, but it took 5.

4. Maybe Patons Merino Wool is not the best for dyeing. I noticed while it was soaking that it wasn't soaking evenly. Next time I'm going to try KnitPicks Dye-Your-Own.

On another knitting note, I finished SockS! Both of them! No slacking here. And the pink and purple is for striped Alison-size socks which I'll start today.

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