Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mas Por Ninas

I got out the biggest crochet hook I own and hooked up this baby blanket in two evenings. It's essentially a BIG granny square. Three strands of Lion Brand Microspun made it a quick hook. One more baby gift completed.
I'm also cross-stitching some small gifts for a shower this weekend. It's not going as quickly as I'd like - I find that while I can force myself to knit or even crochet faster, I can only cross-stitch at one speed and it's not very fast.
Slow and steady right.
Thanks to everyone for the copious comments. You all are great - I certainly didn't make the de-lurking any easier by not posting all weekend. :)
In other news, my previously bright red bathroom is now plain-boring-white. Four coats of paint and primer later! It took all weekend and for such a small room, it was a pain to paint. It makes me sad and I miss the red, but the realtor said it'll make the house more sell-able.


Maggie said...

Red is one of the most awful colors to have to cover up.

Mary Triller said...

The blankets are gorgeous. The colors work so well together. And on the counted cross stitch, now you can see why it takes me so long on those bigger projects, but it is so worth it.

Ilix said...

Way to go on that baby blanket! It looks spectacular!

Amanda said...

here's the link to the rectangular granny square blanket i'm currently working on if you're interested.