Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Time to Set Some Goals

Today I spent the morning un-decorating the house of Christmas things. Then I tidied up all my yarn and knitting and got down to some listing.

Here's what I've got:

Fav. Knit of 2006:
Emily's Pinwheel Sweater, it was fast and cute and in the end I could even knit another without getting bored.

Unfinished Items* that WILL BE Knit:
Tasha Bag
Coney Island Fireworks Scarf: from SnB
Bad Penny (although I may change the colors)
Sushi Wallet

*A note on these items, with the exception of Bad Penny, none of these things are life or death necessities which may be why I'm not super-motivated to finish them.

Unfinished Items that have been RIPed and are being repurposed:
No Sugar Added Sock - I'm not in love with the yarn I picked, will try again with new yarn.
Potluck Sock Anklet - I dropped a stitch in 2x2 ribbing and can't get it back together, o well.

Projects Coming Soon:
Twiggy Tweed
Pinwheel Sweater for Alison
One pair of socks each month! Or maybe every other month, let's not get too crazy. :)

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Nice goals. :) I will have to try that Pinwheel sweater sometime. Once I'm finished with a couple of things, I may have enough stuff leftover to make one, hmm... and great pictures from SeaWorld!