Friday, July 06, 2007

Connected by IKEA

So I have a friend, who's a boy, who has a friend, that's another boy. I have hung out with friend of friend a couple times and started joking around with friend that friend of friend is my pretend boyfriend. Friend has told him I said this and now, even though I'm a grown adult, I'm not 100% sure I can ever look him in the face again.

Anyway, IKEA.

So today I was checking out his myspace, not in a stalker-y way, he also has one for his business where Wayne's doing some work, so it was "research".

Guess what he has a picture of in his profile pics??

Him eating in the IKEA cafeteria!! Strikingly similar to that profile pic of mine over there on the right. Crazy right?!?! I mean how many people are taking pictures of themselves eating at IKEA (I bet Nicole is). :)

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Carlin said...

It's lovely to see glimpses of the MDT that I remember so well. Sitting at Bennigan's. Waiting for a certain Vespa driving waiter to take our order...