Monday, July 30, 2007

This post is brought to you by the letter M and the color Green . . .

After a very sucessful and thrifty Yarn Crawl with my NYGK chicas last Saturday, I was able to cast on for Erin's Bridal Clapotis (this is a Ravelry link, it doesn't have much more info than this post so don't feel bad if you're not in to Ravelry yet). We visited three stores and saw a lot of yarns that would have worked, but finally decided on Twisted Sisters Mirage in Clary Sage. It has a really great sheen that's not too shiny, but gives it a little glitz.

I'm knitting this for the wedding, but it's not really an official piece of the bridal ensemble. It's more of a "just in case it gets cold" item. Erin's hoping to wear it a lot after the wedding, so we'll call it an heirloom piece. That's snazzy!

The second picture is to flaunt my progress, that color is nowhere near accurate. The first pic shows color accuracy. :)

Last fall I participated in the Harvest Sock Swap and unfortunately, I got flaked on. To make up for it, the organizer, Tonia, put aside other things and made me an angel package. I apparently had mentioned that I like greens in my questionnaire, which is true, but no one has ever fixated on green, it's usually blue.
Anyway she knit me a gorgeous sock and sent along the yarn for me to knit the other. This pattern, Yukon Leaves, seems a bit beyond me, but I'm willing to give it a whirl. Eventually.
Best part? It fits great!
Thanks Tonia!!

Another blast from the past, my Summer Sock Party socks are finished. The Cascade Fixation was crazy to work with! I must have cast on five or six times just trying to get it right. The elasicity of the yarn was difficult to get used to, but eventually I got it. And ta da! Probably the best fitting socks I've even owned.


Guinifer said...

Nice clap!
Pretty with the greens too. You can do that sock - have confidence!

Miss Tonia said...

The sock looks great on you! And the pattern is lot easier that it looks. She wrote it really weird, I thought I couldn't do it, at first. But once I got started, I fell in love with it. I'm planning a pair for myself. lol.

Have a great weekend!

Specs said...

Hey sockpal! I got the socks and they fit wonderfully! Thank you so very much for knitting a thoughtful pair of socks. Look for a blogpost on them shortly.

(I wore them this afternoon and kept wondering why my feet were so hot, realizing it was the socks, and then refusing to take them off because I love them.)

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Love the clapotis color, and that is an awesome green swap package!! : )