Friday, August 17, 2007

3 cups!!!

I'm participating in a drug research study/lifestyle modification program for Type 2 diabetics. I get to take this new drug (or not, it could be a placebo) that is supposed to aid diabetics in keeping their sugars under control and losing weight. In addition, I get to meet with a dietician and follow meal plans (or not, it's really up to me).

Wednesday morning I met with the dietician to get my meal plans. Ultimately, she did a really great job of taking the information I gave her about my eating habits (I don't drink milk, I can't eat a morning snack, I love a nighttime snack) and formulating a meal plan that suits me.

But I was completely blindsided by the amount of vegetables I have to eat. Three cups of veggies at lunch and at dinner!! Three cups!!

I've only been following the plan for two days now and I'm overwhelmed by salads, carrot sticks, etc . . .

Wayne says I should just drink V8, but I can't think of a more disgusting idea.

Does anyone have any interesting salad ideas?? I'm a little picky, but I also can't eat the same thing everyday so maybe this is my time to broaden my horizons. :)

Leave a comment with the recipe or link to it.


Amanda said...

Maybe you can check out some of the vegan/vegetarian restaraunts in Orlando for ideas? I'm also a fan of roasted veggie wraps or veggie pizzas. Stuffed green peppers are always good too. That way you can get your veggie intake but still eat something yummy.

trek said...

One thing my Number Guy and I do is to try to vary the veggies in the salads. Say at lunchtime we have romaine, tomato, and bell pepper. At dinner we might do iceberg and cucumber and a hot veggie of zucchini.

You could sub in any kind of raw veggies - broccoli, tomato, cuke, radish, cauliflower, carrot, celery, peppers - just mix them up. Also, varying the salad dressing you use makes the meal different we found.

Another thing to try might be stir-fry meals. You can easily have lots of veggies by wokking up some chicken and peppers/broccoli/cauliflower.

Grilled zucchini and yellow squash is delicious.

Couple of other ideas: halve a bell pepper and put cottage cheese in each half (Number Guy loves this one) - you can sprinkle the tops with sesame or sunflower seeds for a bit of crunch; hollow out a large tomato and fill with tuna or chicken salad.

Also, did your nutritionist mention fruit intake? Some fruits have more sugars than others I know. We often have a one ounce string cheese and an apple/pear/strawberries as snacks.

We've been eating this way since April and Number Guy's lost over 35 pounds. I've probably dropped 30. Of course, we have also been exercising.

It gets easier with time; good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if this really works, but my friends sells Juice Plus. It's basically a pill that contains all your veggie requirements for each day. You should look on their website and talk to your doc about it. This is only sold by individual reps (like the old Tupperware) and not in stores which always makes me suspicious.

Valerie said...

do beans count as veggies? I like to do diced tomato, diced pepper, corn, black beans and a balsamic vinegarette

(found you randomly thru sockapalooza)

Guinifer said...

Do we include legumes in the veggies list? I love the edamame. MMM and black beans - yum.

Nicole said...

Try adding V8 to your pasta sauce or chili, virtually undetectable. Would probably work for tomato soup as well.

The New Moosewood Cookbook has tons of great recipes.