Thursday, August 30, 2007

I know that today is not yesterday, but we'll get to that in a minute. My sister Erin is getting married in January and as the bridesmaid that lives closest (i.e. not Colorado), I'm in charge of the bridal shower.

The wedding has an Asian theme, based around the cherry blossom, so I thought it would be cute if the shower followed suit. Enter Nicole's Monday Loves and the absolute perfect pattern for favors: Felted Fortune Cookies.

This whole plan almost fell apart when just a few hours after I knit up the first 'test' cookie Erin called to ask me how to w&t. I thought it was a strange question (and alarming 'cause these call for lots of short rows) so I asked what she was making. She replies that she found this adorable pattern for felted fortune cookies online and was thinking about making them for each and every person coming to the wedding.

An aside: I am pretty sure that I can knit the 25 necessary for her shower between now and early November, but her stating that she was going to knit almost 100 for her mid-January wedding seemed crazy.

I tried and tried to convince her it wasn't a great idea without actually coming out and telling her my plan. I mentioned things like the number of people coming, her inability to knit short rows at this time and lastly I topped it off with mentioning how most people put wedding favors in their 'dressy purses' and don't think about them again until their putting in their lipstick for the next wedding/event.

None of these things would dissuade her, she was still saying things like, "I'll just talk to Paul about it." That was it, I spilled the beans about my wanting to make them. She acquiesced and it's on.

I settled on Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool 'cause the skein is huge and the color is pretty accurate. The 'test cookie' is the orange one, knit in Cascade 220 and not quite following the pattern. I didn't realize there was a Line 5 on the 2nd page and omitted it. To be perfectly honest, I'm happier with the one I did wrong.


And for all of you living your lives thinking that you know how to fold a fortune cookie, think again. When the rubber met the road, this chica ran into quite a few problematic folds before she got it right. *Note actually fortune cookie from Pei Wei for comparison.


Yesterday's posting was delayed by the fact that I locked myself out of the house. Technically I lost my house key, but in the end, I was outside and everything I had to do was inside. Armed with barely enough formula and my check card we managed to entertain and feed ourselves for 7 hours at the mall. It wasn't pretty.


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

These will be wonderful favors for a party, good find!

Ouch on getting locked out, but that was a very good thing you had money with you. : )

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

your fortune cookies are cute.. wow i sympathize with u.. getting locked out of the house for 7 hours..having 5 kids.. my keys would mysteriously disappear often..they would show up in very strange places..