Friday, August 24, 2007

And the knits keep coming . . .

Erin's Clapotis is coming along beautifully. I've finished the increases and started the 'body' of the shawl. Dropping the first stitch was a little nerve-wracking, but I totally heart how this yarn drapes with the dropped stitches. It's lovely.

Thanks to everyone for their recipes and ideas. To answer a few questions. Legumes are not included, they're too starchy and I'd have to count them against my carbs, which I prefer to reserve for breads and chocolate. :) I don't have to eat 3 cups of cooked veggies, it's 3 cups raw or 1.5 cups cooked - I just prefer raw veggies.

The first week of school is over and it went great. We had more tears at pick-up than drop-off, but they tapered off around Wednesday. And today we got an awesome compliment from Ali's teacher. She asked me if Ali had every been to school before and when I said no she was suprised. She said she's very intelligent for not having been to school before. Very intelligent! It makes me feel like I'm doing a great job.

Back to knitting, I'm thinking of knitting a Everlasting Bagstopper for Ali for soccer. I've got tons of cotton and it would be nice for the soccer ball to have some where else to live beside banging around in the back of my truck.

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Eve Shepherd said...

So glad that your clappy is doing better than mine! Can't wait to see it!