Monday, August 20, 2007



My baby started school today. I have to admit, my heart is a little sad. She's only going from 9a - 12p, but we've been together every minute of every day for almost 5 years now. I'm very proud of how brave she was when I dropped her off and can't wait to pick her up so she can tell me all about it.

I have to admit, the quiet is a little nice. (Emily's napping.) :)


Patricia said...

Its tough to send them off. I remember the first day of Kindergarten. We all sat around and shed a few tears over coffee. My babe is a junioe this year. I'll hope for graduation next years. Then the tears will really flow! Congratulations, the yaers will really start to fly by, just watch.

Eve said...

She looks adorable on her first day!!! What a smile. She is gonna do just great.