Monday, May 12, 2008

FO: Leyburn Socks


Pattern: Leyburn Socks by MintyFresh

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Christmas Rocks

Started: April 23, 2008 Finished: May 7, 2008

2008-05-08 040

These lovelies flew off my needles - 14 days!!! All previous socks have taken almost a month per sock and I finished both in just 2 weeks!!! I'm so impressed with myself.

As they knit up so quickly, I remember that Mother's Day was approaching and that soon my Mom will be in England where a sturdy pair of wool socks will get a lot more wear than here in sunny Florida (where it broke 90 degrees over the weekend!!)

So yesterday they were lovingly packaged and given away. And they fit and were lovingly received!

The pattern is easily memorizable and clever and fun to knit. For some reason the little quilted bits remind me of Space Invaders. :)

2008-05-08 041

For those of you that pay attention, you may notice I've already started another pair - will my efficiency hold or are we back to a sock a month?? Didn't I intend this yarn for another pattern and another pattern for this yarn?? The answers to these questions, coming soon.

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trek said...

It does look Space Invader-ish!