Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In praise of Yahoo! Answers

Or why one lazy momma has given up on Google.

That's a fib, I have not completely given up on Google - I totally heart gmail too much. But yesterday, they were not my fave.

Alison has a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP (man that's a mouthful). Unlike other children who you may see playing the GB at the dinner table at restaurants or during church, Ali's only allowed to play her on special occasions. Which may or may not coincide with long car trips or mommy's headaches or lack of afternoon activities.

Recently, it's been giving us some trouble. On occasion, when you'd power it up, the logo screen would come up, but that's all you got. And you'd see a black bar where it should say Nintendo. And they're so in love with owning things that the black bar is trademarked. :)

I googled and googled with no real answers being found anywhere. I tried using different search words, including and excluding things, but nothing was my answer.

I checked online support at Nintendo and almost called, but then I saw Yahoo! Answers. In two short seconds, I not only had the answer, but also another option which took the first fix a step further - just in case it didn't work. Hooray!

Unfortunately, when all was said and done - it's broken. There is one authorized Nintendo repair shop in all of Orlando and it's downtown. I found another one on craigslist for $25. I'm buying it. Maybe I'll still take the original in - then Emi will have her own. :)

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