Wednesday, August 06, 2008

25 Months

Emily has begun to talk. Not for the first time, but seemingly out of no where she's got conversation and sentence structure down. I imagine part of it is having Ali home, creating more "adult" conversation.

She's also started naming things on her own. For instance, the sun is "the hot". Aptly named really, where'd they get the word sun anyway.

This morning, she counted to three. And not just for giggles, she was counting herself in before beginning a rousing rendition of a song I've named "The Monkey, Boots" because the lyrics told me to. Why did she have to count in? Because she was providing herself musical accompaniment on Daddy's guitar.

I love that kid.


The raffle is shaping up rather nicely. I plan to officially begin it and Internet-wide promotion tomorrow when I've got all the prizes coordinated - they are wonderful and lovely and generous. :)

If you'd like to get a jump on the whole shebang, just click the Paypal button up there on the right - in the official raffle, each $10 donated will equal one entry. If you give between now and the official start (approximately noonish on Thursday), I'll give you two entries for every $10. :)

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