Sunday, August 24, 2008

(Not) Hurricanes are great for knitting

Well TS Fay came, saw the sights, decided to stay a bit longer and flooded my front yard.

Alison's first official week of school was two days long - one of which was the only day this week I would have called school off for. I do not complain though, because I know that the school board is made of people who are not hurricane whisperers and their main concern was the safety of my child. Plus, two of the make-up days are after we get back from Mexico so it looks like Alison will benefit from two additional days of public school that she would have otherwise missed.

We lost power for 16 hours, 6 of which I had a generator for. It ran the computer, cable, TV and refrigerator quite well. We lost Internet for 4 hours. I can't really say whether one was worse than the other.

I knit my February Lady Sweater.

A lot.

So much that I was convinced I would be finished with it by the end of this weekend. But then the knitting seemed redundant and I needed a change.

Did I start another pattern?

No, I finished the second sleeve.

When I got bored again, I wove in all my ends.

This sweater is ridiculously close to completion, but I am long-torsoed and am reaping the downside of that now.

It will be finished for Mexico though, because yesterday we got our list of things to bring and at the bottom were the beloved words: "a light sweater".

19 days until we leave!

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